S22578 | 3 Seat Ark Wood Frame Sofa & Couch

Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with our three-seater sofa. Made from high-quality materials, it boasts a robust red oak wood frame, high-density foam, resilient springs, and sleek silver gray pillows. Ideal for hotel suites and public spaces, this sofa is designed to offer a luxurious and inviting atmosphere that guests will love.


Length 2080mm
Width 910mm
Height 950mm
Seat height 450mm

Beyond hotel projects, it is also suitable for large airport lounges, library lounges and high-class flats, etc.

Imagine relaxing in the comfort of our three-seater sofa in the airport lounge, as you wait for your flight. With its solid red oak wood frame, high-density foam, premium springs, and silver gray throw pillows, this sofa provides a serene oasis amidst the bustling terminal. Its plush cushioning and supportive springs ensure a restful experience, making the wait for your flight more enjoyable.

Unwind after a long day in the tranquility of your local library’s reading lounge, seated on our exquisite three-seater sofa. The sofa’s red oak wood frame, high-density foam, and superior springs offer a sturdy and comfortable place to relax, while the silver gray pillows add a touch of elegance. This inviting sofa becomes the perfect spot for readers to immerse themselves in their favorite books.

Indulge in the luxury of your own living room with our three-seater sofa, the epitome of sophistication in your high-end apartment. Crafted from red oak wood, this sofa boasts a durable frame that complements the elegance of the space. The high-density foam and quality springs provide unparalleled comfort, making it the ideal spot for family gatherings or entertaining guests. The addition of silver gray throw pillows adds a refined touch to this already stunning piece of furniture.

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