S23096-3 | Wood Frame 3 Seat Leather Sofa & Couch

Crafted with a robust South American cherry wood frame, our sofa boasts a sturdy and elegant structure. The seating is upholstered in a light gray, imported leather, ensuring durability and a high-end touch. Cushioned with high-density foam, it provides exceptional comfort, while the premium spring system ensures lasting support. Complete with plush velvet throw pillows, this sofa not only invites relaxation but also adds a touch of luxury to any setting.


Length 2090mm
Width 890mm
Height 990mm
Seat height 460mm
Armrest height 650mm

Beyond hotel projects, it is also suitable for large airport lounges, library lounges and high-class flats, etc.

Iimgaine relaxing in this exquisite sofa within the tranquil confines of an airport VIP lounge, as you await your flight. The plush cushions and supportive springs cradle you, offering a serene haven away from the bustling terminal atmosphere. The elegant cherry wood frame and sophisticated grey leather upholstery blend seamlessly with the lounge’s sophisticated design, providing a touch of luxury during your brief respite.

Picture sinking into the sofa’s soft embrace within a quiet library retreat, a sanctuary for book lovers. As you nestle into the comfortable high-density foam, the gentle give of the springs cradles your posture, allowing you to immerse yourself in the written word without discomfort. The soothing grey leather upholstery complements the library’s calm environment, while the velvet pillows add a touch of luxury to your quiet reading hours.

Within the opulent confines of a high-end apartment, this sofa commands attention with its regal presence. The South American cherry wood frame lends a touch of traditional elegance, while the light grey leather is contemporary and refined. As you relax with loved ones or entertain guests, the high-density foam and premium springs ensure comfort for all. The inviting velvet pillows add a sumptuous touch to this living space, making it the perfect spot for both socializing and private relaxation.


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