The hotel bed is the most important part of the whole hotel room, and it is a place for guests to relax. There are many styles of bed screen, and the size will change with the size of the bed. Most of them are wooden frames and soft bags. There are also metal elements.
Gainwell hotel furniture -bed
Dimension (mm)L*W*H: 2050*2060*1200
1.Mahogany veneer with Plywood
2.Leather upholstery for Headboard
3.Brass S/S metal base

Crafted from exquisite mahogany veneer atop a sturdy plywood frame, our hotel bed exemplifies the perfect marriage of aesthetics and durability.


The headboard’s supple texture and sophisticated detailing provide an indulge in lavishness while the bed’s foundation – brass stainless-steel metal base ensures stability and longevity


The design, materials, and craftsmanship converge to redefine their stay.


Gainwell takes immense pride in being a leading hotel furniture manufacturer committed to producing hospitality furniture with our exceptional design and flawless craftsmanship. Contact us for your next hotel project!

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