High-end hotel furniture color design – combined with custom culture

High-end hotel furniture color design – combined with custom culture

The design of high-end hotel furniture needs to consider the local customs and habits, combined with rich customs and cultures, reflecting different customs and customs, making the hotel furniture style rich and varied. The furniture design of the hotel room has also been introduced a lot. How to make the customer feel as comfortable as home is a problem that every designer will consider when designing a hotel room.


The color selection of the hotel rooms should make the customers feel comfortable, and in the use of color, it is also necessary to combine the concept of overall design decoration, so that the color design of each space can be unified. The uniformity here is not the same for all colors, but Visual unity, in the use of color, people have a common sense of certain colors. The hotel is a public space, especially when determining the color tones, to choose a common color combination to meet the visual needs of customers.


The choice of hotel room color is not a random choice, according to local cultural habits, local conditions and customs, and the location of the hotel, but in addition to the theme hotel decoration design style, the color is more vivid, other decorative style hotel rooms are mostly It is the choice of warm colors to decorate the room. Color is the basis of this, so that people have a comfortable environment when they sleep. At the same time, we should choose the color according to people's psychological characteristics. The hoter area can choose cool color, which makes people feel cool in the visual sense; warm colors, such as red, can be used in cold areas to create a warm feeling. This is also the psychological temperature that is guided by the psychological aspects of the customer. 

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