Furniture knowledge: four principles of hotel furniture customization (below)

Furniture knowledge: four principles of hotel furniture customization (below)

Above we talked about the materiality principle and stability principle of the custom-made furniture manufacturing process. In this article, we mainly look at the technical principles and decorative principles in the production of hotel furniture. 

3. Technical principles Processing equipment and processing methods are technical guarantees for furniture products. The production of parts is not only the processing of the shape, but also the processing of the interface. The precision and economy of the interface processing directly determines the quality and cost of the product. Therefore, in the structural design of the product, we should reasonably determine the connection method according to the style, grade and production conditions of the product. For example, before the industrial revolution, wooden furniture could only be connected with enamel; due to the application of steam technology in furniture production, parts can be formed at one time. It not only simplifies the connection, but also makes the shape of the product smooth and simple. Panel furniture, due to the high processing precision of the equipment, can be disassembled. The round hole is machined with a 32mm row of drill bit spacing, so the interface of the panel furniture can be applied to the standard interface of the 32mm system. 4. Decorative principles Furniture is not only a simple functional product, but also a popular art. The decorative nature of the furniture is not only determined by the external form of the product, but more importantly by its internal structural position. Because the configuration of the furniture product (style) is determined by the structure and connection of the product. For example, the combination of Mortise and tenon frame furniture fully reflects the decorative art of the line; the panel furniture connected by the hardware changes between the face and the body. In addition, the connection interface (various ports, hardware connection pieces, etc.) is itself a decoration. The hidden interface (including the hidden hinge and the dark cymbal) is invisible, which makes the product more concise; the interface exposed hinge, glass door hinge, caster and other connecting parts, alum) not only have corresponding functions, but also can be decorated. The role, especially the Ming, makes the product a natural pastoral style.  


There are so many principles to be followed in the production of furniture, especially hotel furniture. In order to meet the needs of consumers and aesthetic needs, it is more important to pay attention to quality and aesthetics in production. Meiying Hotel Furniture is very experienced in the custom production of hotel furniture. Meiying Industrial Company was founded in 1995. It has more than 1,000 employees, a production plant of 220,000 square meters, and a modern logistics warehouse with a storage capacity of 80,000 cubic meters. The annual output value is several hundred million yuan. Customized hotel furniture, look for Meiying hotel furniture.

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