What are the advantages of beautiful and durable solid wood hotel furniture?

With the advancement of human civilization, trees have become a gift from nature to mankind. Wood is a warm material that is widely used in architecture and family life. Solid wood furniture is a form of trees. The wooden texture on them is beautiful and natural. The overall simplicity is warm and real, and people are unconsciously close to nature. In modern hotel decoration, solid wood hotel furniture is also used. First, it can improve the grade and texture of the hotel. The solid wood hotel furniture gives people a high-end, high-quality feeling. Second, the quality of solid wood furniture is reliable and the service life is longer. Let’s take a look at the advantages of a solid wood hotel home.  1. Natural texture In general, real solid wood furniture rarely has perfect texture. Most of them have natural color difference, and most of their textures are different. However, the “fake solid wood” home has a clear texture, which can be said to be “perfect” in appearance. Consumers can see the relative position of the exterior and back of the solid wood furniture separately. If the texture part can correspond well, it is pure solid wood. 2. Natural wood incense Most real woods contain the natural aromas of trees, such as the faint scent of cypress, the pine scent, the camphor wood with a very pronounced camphor, and some artificial wood boards that may have a more pungent odor. Especially for enclosed lockers, such as drawers or wardrobes, the smell is easy to distinguish. 3, crisp wood sound Solid wood can also be distinguished by tapping the sound from the wooden surface. In general, solid wood furniture will give a clearer sound, while artificial board products will have a deeper sound. 4, the real simple feeling By feeling differently, in terms of weight, solid wood furniture is lighter than particleboard and medium density fiberboard furniture, while the surface of solid wood furniture feels more textured, and the feel of ordinary
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